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Restore Stouffville

Mission to Stouffville

Mission To Stouffville

Restore Canada - Stouffville

Restore Canada - Stouffville is powered by the partnership of a number of like-minded churches from within the Stouffville Christian Ministerial. We decided that instead of each putting forth a partial effort we should instead combine forces and resources and empower large scale change and assistance.

Restore Canada was our chosen method of care.

From Restore website:

We believe that no one person is more important than another, and that our primary vocation is to look after each other; especially the poor and the marginalized. At Restore, we focus on developing plans and guiding people from a place of distress to a sustainable and healthy life. We work through local churches to serve those in need and distress in order to build a bridge to a restored life, so that they can manage on their own.

There are three things that Restore Method of Care Canada does:

We provide training and mentoring to local church care planners and care givers in the Restore Method of Care. The Restore Method enables churches and their volunteers to bless people in distress while guiding those that want to change on a path to a more sustainable life.

We provide a searchable database of community resources to help identify the existing community resources that are available to people in need and make these sources, and their qualifying characteristics, easily available to care planners.

We are building a community of individuals, churches and organizations who care for those in need, on the margins and who feel beaten down. By collaborating together we know we can bring more people power and financial resources to help those who find themselves in trouble. We put on events to support this community, as well as training sessions to address specific issues people and families face in times of distress

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