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Private Disciplines

You are involved in your faith development

Private Disciplines

Growth. Development. Facing new things. Overcoming challenges. Repetitive faith exercises.

What can you be doing on your own to allow your faith to become catalyzed and expanded?

You see things, do things, face things, overcome things all the time. Use your on going experiences and some targeted efforts to free up space for new faith to appear or to strengthen what you already have.

Check below to see some sparks of ideas. Then contact us and let us know what you are trying out. Or if you are unsure what's next, contact us and we can help guide you into some helpful practices.

There is always a NEXT STEP for you.

Keep at it.

You are not done.

Don't give up.

Options to consider





Be mentored


Public Prayer (out loud)

Worship (privately and corporately)

Submission one to another




Scripture memorization

Daily Bible Study

Spiritual Retreat


Eyes Up

Spiritual Warfare

Focus on the the positive

Interruption as opportunity