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in2one Youth

Join us as we explore, connect and learn about God and his plans for us!

in2one YOUTH


We'll start our online youth zoom meetings discussing episodes of The Chosen that we have watched.

It'll be a safe space to connect, ask questions and learn more about Jesus, his disciples and his ministry.

It will be a time to connect with other youths your age and hang out and learn together!

Be sure to register to get the Zoom Meeting Invitation by click on the registration button below.

Join us for a virtual youth hangout

We're starting our Youth Zoom Meets with discussion on the video series entitled, The Chosen.

  • Watch the episode on YouTube at 6:00pm (or whenever is convenient)
  • 7:00 pm join in on Zoom meeting for a live and interactive discussion about everything you just watched!

Mark your calendars! 

Upcoming Youth Meeting Schedule :

July 11, 2021 - Episode 4 - Season 2

July 25, 2021 - Episode 5 - Season 2. - NOT ON ZOOM - WE'RE GOING LIVE!!!!

We're gathering in person to talk about episode 5 of season 2 of The Chosen!

Sunday, July 25 at 7:00pm in the Clinton's backyard

101 Firbank Lane, Stouffville

Call Sheryl Clinton for more info

(416) 898-4770

Click on the buttons below to watch Episode 5 (Season 2) of The Chosen

Previous Episodes of The Chosen

While it's not necessary for you to have watched any of the previous episodes in order to join in on the discussion at our in2one Youth Zoom Meeting, if you'd like to watch or re-watch any of the episodes just click on the link for the episode you want to watch below.

Season 2

Season 1

SUNDAY - Youth Content

Here's stuff that follows what we are doing in kid's church but is geared more toward you YOUTHS- young persons, almost-adults-just with fewer responsibilities and no bills . This way, everyone in the family is learning and focusing on the same things. The awesome and amazing thing about the Bible is that there is a tonne of context and meaning behind everything that has been written , and it's relevant and applicable for people of all ages from the little ones to the oldest ones.

We hope that diving a bit deeper into these books of the Bible means that you can have more open conversations with God and your families about what it all means, and why it's so important. Check out some awesome resources below.

1 Samuel - King David in the making

For the month of June we'll be focusing on the book of 1st Samuel in the Old Testament mostly following David as he is chosen to be the next king of Israel over Saul and all that David goes through in preparation for becoming that King. God chose David a long time before he actually took the throne. David had to go from being just a mere shepherd, the youngest and smallest of his family to becoming an accomplished musician and poet in the King's palace, a highly trained and victorious warrior and a fugitive on the run. All that BEFORE he became King. And we know that God considered David a man after his own heart. David wasn't perfect but he loved and obeyed God and in a LONG history of kings that were just plain BAD, it's important to learn why David was so different. Check out some of the resources below to find out more about David and his role in establishing a kingdom line and lineage that would eventually produce Jesus!

The Bible Project - The book of Samuel
The Bible Project - 2 Samuel

The Book of Daniel

This month we will be focusing on the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. There are some incredible stories of how God showed up in awesome and amazing ways, as well as examples of how and quiet and steady trust in God honours him.

Check it out in your Bible or through the video resources below.

The book of Daniel by the Bible Project