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Faith Catalysts

Stronger in faith through pursuit.

Faith to live

We are drawn closer through a growing faith in Jesus. We don't make faith, but we remain expectant, active and focused on these FAITH CATALYSTS.

Practical Teaching

Experiential, Participatory, Image rich, Connective.

Applicable, visual, image based, focus on truth not error, life giving, kingdom focused, freedom.

Private Disciplines

Prayer, sabbath, bible study, generosity (in time, treasure and talent), confession.

Eyes up focus on Jesus first.

Personal Ministry

Service, generosity, using gifts, inviting, hospitality.

Follow me as I follow Christ.

Providential Relationships

We meet our spiritual opportunities, responsive.

Pivotal Circumstances

Translators of circumstance, Interruption as opportunity. Cheer with those who cheer, Mourn with those who mourn.

Let your light shine

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.

-Matthew 5:16-

Shine the Light