Easter Draw 2019

Complete List of Winners

Thanks for all of the great excitement and fun you helped us to have on Saturday! It was better because you were there. Hope to see you again soon.

The in2one Easter Bunny & Emma
Thanks to our kind sponsor


Espressos at Main Street Bakehouse

  1. Melody Legere
  2. Angela Messina
  3. Shannon Marsden
  4. Kelly Robert
  5. Liza Owens

Bag of Ninth Coffee Beans

  1. Laura Dickie
  2. Will Chow

Lunch at Main Street Bakehouse

  1. Estelle Wang
  2. Kristina Knowles
  3. Rosemary Reid

Grand Prize Winner

Family Entertainment Basket

Congratulations Arianna Christopher

How to collect prize

Looking for a church?

You are welcome and invited to in2one.

Looking for a church in Mandarin?

Check out Stouffville Mandarin Alliance Church. Link below.

Easter Sunday