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Christmas 2020

Advent and Christmas celebrations at in2one

Advent Celebrations

A BOW Week 1 : November 29 - Peace

make celebrating with us a family tradition

Who's it for?

You. Your family, that includes your kids. Your friends.

For those who celebrate Christmas.

For those who are interested in learning what Christmas is about.

For those who would like to participate in an event that delights in the Christmas story.

For those who are tired of the movie versions of the "REAL MEANING of CHRISTMAS."

Join us to actually look into what Christmas was and still can be today.

When On December 24th is it?

Church On Main Street 5PM

church online 5pm & 8PM

Early enough for the whole family to come and to start the celebrations on the right foot.

Come, enjoy the celebration with friends, family, in-laws, whoever, and then still have time for activities at home before bed :)


This is an absolutely great way to build some tradition into your lives. 

Celebrate with us.

Get refocused on the Hope, Peace, Joy & Love of Christmas.

Hear the original, organic, gluten-free, life-transforming story of God's love for YOU.

Let that sink in....

Slow down....

Take a deep breath....

Leave and still have time for fun at home, or time to travel.

Let your Christmas celebration be centred on gratitude for what has been given for you and for whom was given for you.


Eyes up, my friends.